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These Socks Do
More Than Keep
Your Feet Warm

Everybody owns socks.

From ankle highs to knee highs, it can all be found stuffed at the bottom drawer of our closet. Either as a fashion statement or as a means to be comfortable, socks are worn by people of all ages.

You’re probably thinking, “what’s the big deal about some stupid pair of socks?”

Well, meet Mr. Evans-- a 54-year old retiree who spends his free time reading light novels, jogging around the neighborhood, and hiking with his best buds.

Age didn’t stop Mr. Evans from living an active lifestyle. But obviously, age still has its ups and downs.

He is easily prone to leg pain and fatigue due to old age. But Mr. Evans didn’t want that. He wanted to be in control.

Because of this, he ditched his cotton argyle knee-highs and ordered another pair. A more fitting pair, if you will.

Now, going back. “What’s the big deal?” you ask?

See, everybody may own socks, but not everyone has a pair that fights off leg pain, fatigue, and swelling. 

How Do Compression Socks Work?

Compression socks are different from your good ol’ Walmart socks.

Aside from keeping your feet warm, they apply gentle pressure around the calves and ankles, making your blood vessels work better. In turn, blood flows freely and oxygen delivery improves, reducing that tired and achy feeling on your legs.

A lot of people deal with aching calves, swelling ankles, varicose veins, and just leg fatigue in general.

So if you happen to feel one or more of these symptoms, then it might be a sign that your legs need a good pair of compression socks. 

What’s So Good About BOOMS?

BOOMS is an up-and-coming compression socks brand that has your needs in mind.

What’s good about BOOMS is that it’s made only with quality materials. Comfort, strength, and breathability are the topmost priority. Using a combination of Nylon and Spandex, these socks are not only offering numerous health benefits, but also an exquisite experience for your foot.

Indeed, BOOMS is a cut above the rest--featuring 15 to 20 mmHg medium-grade compression that provides relief for leg swelling, aching, and varicose veins. It works great even during pregnancy!

Socks that compress more than 20 mmHg could risk cutting off circulation, making problems way worse. So beware!

No need to worry about finding the perfect fit, since BOOMS socks come in a wide range of S to XL sizes.

Check out BOOMS easy-to-follow sizing chart:

How Often Can I Wear BOOMS?


BOOMS Compression Socks come in 4 neutral colors for daily wear: Black, Blue, Grey, and Nude.

The seamless fit does not allow slips or roll-downs throughout the day too. Which means BOOMS knee-high compression socks can even be worn under your best-fitting jeans!

Take a peek at the gorgeous collection here:

Sounds Great...But The Price?

Even better. A pair of BOOMS Compression Socks cost no more than $20!

The best thing about this is the more pairs you buy, the more money you save. Buying 5 Pairs of BOOMS will only cost you $12.99 per pair. Now that’s a steal!

But wait... it doesn’t end there. Did you know that BOOMS offers FREE shipping on ALL items? This is a lifetime offer, so no need to worry about any additional cost. 

Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the community is one of our top priorities--we’re passionate about making sure that the innovations we have discovered get in the hands (and on the feet) of those who need them most. And so we donate extra pairs of compression socks to local healthcare and frontline workers to help give them added energy and endurance from weariness and discomfort.

Read BOOMS mission here:

Sorry...I’m Still Not Convinced

That’s okay! Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say: 

"Life saver"

They are exactly what I need to survive
during my long flights.
- Heather P.

“These socks are perfect!”

I have to stand and walk on a hard floor at
my job. I can last the whole shift now
without being in pain.

- John V.

“I could walk another 18
holes wearing these socks”

Makes my golf game much more enjoyable.
Great quality and comfort compression
socks I have ever purchased!
- Charles L.

“Definitely notice less

Finally found a pair that works!
- Nancy T. 

“Just got my second pair
from BOOMS!”

The first pair I ordered felt great so I ordered again!
Fast shipping too.

- Pam S.

“Thank you for making
compression socks that
work but don’t hurt my

- Emily B.