About Us – Booms Compression


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide you with the best sock possible. We know how important it is that your socks are comfortable yet still provide tangible, physical benefits, including the powerful benefits of compression--benefits that include better circulation in the legs, diminished leg swelling, and more. When you wear Booms, you’re getting the highest quality Micro-Nylon and Spandex materials in a sock that not only feels great on your foot, but puts a spring in your step as you achieve better health. You deserve a sock you can trust. We want to be the ones who give it to you. Wear Booms!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We recognize that we are nothing without happy customers, and consequently you are our top priority. Whether you have questions about the health benefits of Booms compression socks, questions about sizing, or questions about shipping, pricing and quality assurance, we are here to provide you with the best customer service possible. We aim to make our manufacturing, transactions, and processes completely transparent and understandable, so that you will get the best possible understanding of what to expect from your Booms socks. We are here to help!

Strive For The Best

It took months and months of research but we believe that we’ve found the best compression sock for you. We want to provide you with a sock made of high quality materials made by high quality people. Our socks are meant to be worn everyday and are made to last. Our Booms compression  socks are designed to boost circulation to the legs while supporting your veins, diminish leg swelling, prevent deep-vein thrombosis, reduce varicose and spider veins, and limit lightheadedness when you stand. Booms Socks are no ordinary socks. 

But best of all, Booms socks are just so incredibly comfortable. They don’t feel constrictive and tight, like you’re being confined in an overpowered medical harness; they feel like socks. Comfortable, cozy socks that you will love to slip onto your feet. When you wear Booms, the compression is not claustrophobic, but it’s like being wrapped up in a comfortable blanket. The gist of this is that you get all the health benefits from a quality compression sock, but with the ease and comfort of a soft, soothing piece of top-end clothing.

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Giving Back To The Community

Here at Booms we are all about helping in the community whenever possible. We donate extra pairs of compression socks to local healthcare and frontline workers so they have the energy to help keep our communities safe on a daily basis. Just as these Booms compression socks put a spring in your step and give you added energy and endurance, they help those frontline workers who get weary from long shifts and are in need of a healthy boost to keep them up on their feet and tackling their important work. Giving back to the community is one of our top priorities--we’re passionate about making sure that the innovations we have discovered get in the hands (and on the feet) of those who need them most.