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5 Careers That Need Compression Socks To Help Those Achy Feet

01 Jan 2020 2 Comments

If you work in a field where you stand for an extended amount of time, consider what compression socks can do for you.  They will put just enough pressure on your legs to improve circulation and help blood flow to your heart.  Compression socks are meant to provide many benefits for people who stand long hours on a daily basis.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduce swelling in feet and legs
  • Help blood travel back to the heart
  • Improves circulation in the legs
  • Reduce blood clots
  • Limit Varicose veins

These benefits will result in more energy, less leg pain, and more comfort while working.  Heres a list of 5 jobs that can be demanding on a persons feet and legs. If you work in ones of these fields, then compression socks might be the right choice for you.



There are plenty of recommendations that say nurses would wear compression socks to reduce leg pain and swelling that comes with working extended shifts.  This is due to a build-up in lactic acid in the legs.  When you use your legs a lot or exercise, lactic acid will increase but your muscles will lose oxygen.  Compression socks will counteract this build-up and lack of oxygen.  In turn, this will reduce swelling and leg fatigue.



People who work in sales or warehouses also demand long hours on your feet.  Even with no customers these people are still required to be on their feet.  Compression socks are very beneficial for these workers as they will gently squeeze the blood vessels of the leg providing support.  Another benefit is muscle support these socks will provide to reduce leg fatigue from standing.



Restaurant workers, hotel workers, or anyone in a related hospitality field have prolly suffered feet or leg soreness at some point in their life.  Besides the fact they are required to stand for long periods of time, their work will require that they wear certain uniforms which will lead to less comfortable shoes.  These workers are at increased risk of varicose veins or DVT due to the long hours standing.  Compression will increase oxygen-rich blood flow from your heart to the legs, limit fatigue and minimize the risk of developing DVT or varicose veins.



This is probably the most demanding field on this list.  Construction workers tend to suffer more from leg and foot pain since they are on their feet the entire day.  Then you add in the heavy boots with the heavy lifting it makes things even worse.  This makes tired and sore legs very common and compression socks a must. 



Fast-paced production workers are required to stand and stay alert for their entire shift while working with machinery and other tools.  These positions require long hours of standing and a lot of repetitive movements.  This can be very demanding on your legs and can cause issues with muscle strains, inflammation, and varicose veins. Swelling and fatigue will be reduced when wearing compression socks and limit clotting of blood in the legs.



Any one of the careers listed above can be very demanding on your legs and feet. Especially when first starting a a job like this, your feet will be extremely sore for a few weeks while your body adjusts to your new working lifestyle.  Here at Booms we have quality made knee-high compression socks with 15-20 mmHg perfect for people who stand all day and suffer from leg fatigue and soreness.  Visit our Shop and read more about the many benefits of Booms compression socks.

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05 Jan 2024 Patricia Wike

Do you sell thigh high compression socks

25 Apr 2021 Dianna

May want to proof read introduction. It says compression socks “aren’t “ meant to provide….. so shouldn’t it say”are meant to provide…”. ?

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