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When You Should Replace Your Compression Socks...And Why It's Important!

When you first invest in compression socks, you are doing something that will be an investment for your long term health.  When buying compression socks you will need to be replacing them on a regular basis.  In order for the socks to be effective, we recommend that you replace your socks every 4-6 months.

Compression socks will eventually wear out and their compression will weaken over time with regular use.  The fibers that the socks are made with will break down when worn all the time and due to being washed.  Booms socks are specifically made to apply pressure to certain areas. Specifically your feet, ankle, and calves.  Once the socks lose their shape and flexibility, they will no longer give your legs the type of pressure they need.  Again, this will normally happen around 4-6 months if its a good quality pair of socks.  You might need to replace them a little sooner if you wear the same pair everyday.


What To Look For When Replacing Your Socks


  1. If your socks look worn or if they keep sliding down your leg, the fibers are probably wearing out.  Washing properly and taking care of the socks will extend their use.  Always gently wash your socks and air dry them if possible to improve their lifespan. 
  2. Are you able to easily take off and put on the socks? If the socks are loose or stretch easily, they have most likely lost their compression levels. Compression socks need to fit snug in order to improve blood flow and circulation.
  3. Changes in body weight can also change the effect of your socks. If you’ve gained or lost weight recently you will probably need to change your socks and get a different size.  The compression will only work if the sizing matched your foot and calf size. 



Compression socks are an important part of your lifestyle, especially if worn everyday. Make sure you replace your socks every 4-6 months to ensure you get the proper compression benefits.  This is an investment. Don’t waste money if you don’t have to. Make sure you take care of your socks and they will take care of you.


  • I have foot swelling due to peripheral neuropathy. Will these knee high stockings work for this? My podiatrist suggested that I get some.

    Diane Kuehnapfel
  • Can you recommend a “sock donner” that works well with 20-30 compression knee highs?

    Rachel Greenspan

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