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Your Guide To Compression Sock Strength & Size Chart

01 Aug 2022 7 Comments

If you're trying to ensure you choose the right size & strength for your compression socks you've come to the right place. Below we are going to break down how to measure yourself for the perfect fit so you can have happy feet.

How tight should your socks feel?

They should feel quite a bit tighter than your average pair of socks, but not so tight it hurts your legs after 10 minutes. The size guide below should help get you the size you should be wearing.

Size Chart

booms size chart

What do the different mmHG strengths mean?

Daily compression socks (15-20 mmHG)

These will help relieve pain, swelling, or aching without feeling too tight. These are great daily wear and can be used for lounging, travel, sports.

Medical grade compression socks (20-30mmHG)

These are perfect for sports recovery, daily wear, medical recovery, and to address with symptoms of varicose and spider veins. Ideal for patients looking for more support.

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25 Apr 2024 Connie
I love these socks! Very comfortable and easy to put on and still feel very comfortable and gentle pressure. They do their job! Also, the colors and diversity are great! Thank you!
29 Dec 2023 Graney

I’ve had major back surgery. Very difficult to get footies on. How would I manage to get them on? How do you remove them so you don’t do damage?

23 Apr 2023 Vicki West

I love your Boom socks! What is the best way to wash or clean them?

26 Mar 2023 Janet burke

Wow 21.99 down to 21.98
Why would you assume shoe size corosponse with calf size? My calf is large but I do not have a size 13 shoe. I see everyone complaining that the toe is to long due to your sizing method. Dr. always tells you it’s not good to have folds or creases in your sock. Seems like a design flaw.

17 Mar 2023 Sandra Heath

I love these compression socks, just hate the word Boon written over the toes as it shows when try to wear with dress shoes 👞

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