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Why Waitresses Should Wear Compression Socks

01 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Being a server can be a very demanding job.  It involves standing for hours, moving quickly and running between different areas of your restaurant.  Compression socks can help relieve some of the stress and pressure put on your feet and legs while working your shift. Even if you aren’t currently suffering symptoms, compression can still be a great option to prevent any future leg or foot swelling.


Prevent Circulation Problems

Thousands of waitresses will wear compression socks in order to relieve or prevent some common conditions that tend to appear in people who stand for long hours every single day.  Some of the conditions include: poor circulation, DVT, and varicose veins.  The socks will apply a certain amount of pressure to your legs, thus helping blood flow and improving circulation. This helps fight gravity that normally pulls the blood downward so that it pools in your feet and legs, causing swelling.  Compression socks will help send the blood back to the heart so it doesn’t pool.


Limit Fatigue


Servers are on their feet for very long hours, sometimes for more than one shift without ever having a rest.  This can cause swelling, muscle fatigue, and tired legs or feet.  This fatigue happens because of the build up of acid in your muscles. Oxygen will helps get rid of some of this acid build up.  Standing for an extended period of time will reduce circulation in your legs and lowers the amount of oxygen going to your muscles.  Booms compression socks will give the veins the extra pressure needed to help with blood flow, allowing more oxygen to go through your legs.


Fewer Injuries

The service industry is a very fast paced environment. Especially when carrying heavy trays and moving quickly. If your muscles are unsupported this could lead to injuries or strains. Compression socks will provide support and pressure to your feet and legs.  This small amount of tensions will keep each of your muscle groups aligned.  By doing this, it lowers the chance of you suffering a work related injury.


Helps Recovery

After standing for several hours on your shift its very hard to recover in the proper amount of time.  Aches and pains can be present for several hours or even days.  When relying on just a few hours of rest, recovery can be very slow.  Compression socks worn after your shift or even during work will help you recover more quickly.  Booms socks will help maintain circulation even when keeping your legs elevated after your shift.  This extra oxygen your legs receive and the support will allow your body to heal much faster and more naturally.

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